Privacy Policy

There are many reasons you can use our services and the time comes when you need to share information to communicate with the team. When you share the required information, the team makes the services better and easier. Here, we want you to be clear about how we use your information and the ways to secure your privacy.

Our privacy policy explains

What information we require and why we require it.
How we use this information.
How we access and update that information.
What kind of information do we require?
Personal information: The information we require such as your first name,
last name, email address as well as the postal address that is a kind of
verification we do.

Payment information: The team requires you to enter credit card or the debit card information on the order page to make easy transactions online at the time of avail the services.

Technical information: The team requires technical information and it may include the device name, model number, remote access information in order to resolve the issues related to your device.

How we use this information? To process transactions: The team asks for the personal information that is mentioned above to gain the benefit of the services online and is required to verify the transactions with the merchant account.

To send emails: The email is required at the time of registration and sends the information on the order placed and the related updates in the future.

Cookies and similar technologies Cookies are stored on the device of the user by a web browser and these cookies enable the team to offer you satisfactory support.

Do we record help sessions? The team may record the online and offline support session that is used to develop the knowledge and better tune-ups as well as for support reasons.

Privacy policy for B2B customers

In case of offering the technical support services to the customers, some new policies may be applicable and these policies you’ll be given in writing when you make an agreement.