10 Best Apps to Block Spam Phone Calls in 2020

10 Best Apps to Block Spam Phone Calls in 2020 ElectrohelpDesk

Do you get irritated by answering undesirable advertising and marketing calls every day in your smart phone? Then the very best choice is to mount a spam phone calls block app in your mobile phone which will block unwanted calls and also you will not get the ring at all. There are many call blocker applications available for Android phones as well as the most used ones are offered listed below.


1. Mr.Number

In 2012, Mr. Number app was listed in the 100 best android applications by PCMagzine. It additionally got the Appy award for the Best Communications Application in 2012. The main features of the application are

— Block phone calls as well as messages from any type of contact number with any area code

— Block unwanted phone calls from outbound telemarketing individuals

— Automatic Interception of calls and messages from unidentified numbers

— Reporting SPAM calls, SMS etc to warn various other customers

— Find out the spam customers by using the reverse lookup technique

— Develop an individual Blacklist

— Presents the Business customer ID of the call

2. Call Control

Call control is a phone call block application created by Kedlin Company. The highlights of the application are

— Blocking personal & unknown phone calls, area code, sms message, photo messages etc.

— Produce a personal Blacklist for blocking telephone calls

— Find the spam customers by using the reverse lookup approach

— Integration with FCC Do not call Registry

— Phone doesn’t ring for blocked telephone calls

— Pick up and also separate immediately to ensure that the call is billed which might make the callers to prevent making calls once again.

3. Call Blocker

Call Blocker application is a convenient phone call obstructing created by the firm named NQ Mobile Safety supporting numerous non-English languages like Chinese, Spanish, French and so on. The main features of the application are

— Blocking unwanted telephone calls from any kind of number as well as location code

— Blocking SPAM text

— Protects the personal privacy by eliminating the call background and also messages exchanged between the contacts with in your phone

— Contacts are backed up on a web server

— Stores the messages as well as call information from private numbers in a separate log without disrupting the regular log

— Develop a personal Blacklist for blocking phone calls

— Transfer data to non-Android phones

4. Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is an excellent application for blocking telephone calls as well as is established by Vlad Lee. The main features of the app are

— Block calls from any number in contact list, call log, message log or you can add the number to block on your own.

— Blocks undesirable or SPAM sms message

— Stores the information of the blocked phone calls and messages in a different journal

— Alternative of making it possible for/ disabling the alert of the blocking phone calls or messages

5. Blacklist

Blacklist is an advanced call blocker application established by AntTek Inc. The highlights of the application are

— Create an individualized blacklist and also choice for transforming it ON/OFF

— Block phone calls as well as messages from the callers in blacklist, personal numbers which don’t have any customer id or number and so on

— Develop an exemption checklist or non-block checklist which are not blocked at any moment

— Alternative for Automatic reply for blocked calls through SMS

— Setting for choosing the blocked phone call and also hanging up immediately

— Support up and restoration of the blacklist

— Design templates for Automobile reply

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6. Root Call Blocker

Root Phone Call Blocker is a good application for blocking undesirable calls as well as messages. The main features of the application are

— Blocking spam calls, personal numbers etc at system degree so that you may not even find out about the call

— Block undesirable SMS and also MMS

— Option for totally blocking phone calls from defined location codes as well as nation codes

— Importing phone numbers from documents in many styles like CSV and make use of that info for blocking calls

— Back-up of the contacts with and also blocked phone call checklist in Google drive or Dropbox

7. Call Blocker Gold

Call Blocker Gold is an excellent phone call blocker app and has actually been featured on the Fox information channel just recently. The highlights of the application are

— Block calls from area black list, pattern matching, private or unidentified numbers and so on

— Automatic reply for blocked text messages.

— Neighborhood shared blocking– Blocking numbers which are blocked by various other individuals using this application.

— Support up of data immediately.

— Blocking calls throughout meetings.

8. Call Block

This call blocking app is developed by Tacoty CN and the main features of the application are.

— Develop a customized blacklist.

— Block all phone calls and also messages from the blacklist.

— Provides 4 settings in blocking namely Block all, Block blacklists just, accept whitelists only and also Approves contacts just. Numbers in whitelist are uncloged by default.

— Notification when calls or messages are blocked.

9. Call and SMS Easy Blocker

Developed by KAISARs Laboratory and is just one of the good spam phone calls block application. The highlights of the application are.

— Blocking phone calls and also messages from exclusive and unknown numbers.

— Developing a customized black list.

— Option for hanging up or silencing the unwanted phone call instantly.

— Backing up the blacklist call log.

10. Truecaller.

Truecaller is not just made use of for looking up the customer IDs of the calls yet also made use of to block undesirable phone calls. The main features of the app are.

— Create a personalized Blacklist.

— Block calls from the numbers in the individual in addition to area Blacklist.

— Block calls if number is located in the typical spam customers checklist.

If you know about any other block spam phone calls app let us know in comments below!

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10 Best Apps to Block Spam Phone Calls in 2020
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10 Best Apps to Block Spam Phone Calls in 2020
Block Spam Phone Calls apps helps to easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) numbers. List of Spam call block apps here.
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